***The show, travel and associated matters***

 A diverse range of the Country Music genre is incorporated into the shows... pure, alternative, historic, comedic, bluegrass, gospel, cajun, instrumental, controversial et al... From the Carter Family to Kasey Chambers, there's great variety on my menu....and....if it's Country, it's on "Bar-B-Q" Country.

Interviews with current and established artists/groups and representatives keep the listeners informed, and contact with many organisations both here and overseas ensures that a plethora of facts flow in.

...When Lee-Ann Rimes released  her version of "Blue" in '96, "Tubby"    was pleased to ring John Laws and debunk the myth that she was the first to record that Bill Mack was an Australian lass, Kathryn Pitt, albeit a different style !!

Joining with the Central Coast Country Music Association in the seventies was the catalyst for many long term friendships which have endured over the years,those times are full of nostalgic memories, shows and interludes which form an important base for his love of the genre, and since retirement from the workforce in late '80s travel has gleaned many   new friends, contacts and interests.

1989 was the first of many U.S. visits incorporating Branson Missouri, Nashville & Lynchburg Tennessee, Fort Worth Stockyards Texas, and a range of small towns and C/M related sites...en-route to Memphis late one evening near Holly Springs, Mississippi, he came across a "shed".....which had a familiar feeling (at the time not apparent) and afterwards on reflection realised it was on the cover of Rockabilly legend Charlie Feathers album....subsequent visit intending to meet was thwarted by his passing, although he caught up with son "Bubba".**If you would like a copy of the "pic", contact "Tubby"

Many states in the U.S. have famous sites for their Country Music sons and daughters, well worth some in depth research before venturing over so as not to "miss out"'s a long way to travel and not glean all you require.

Lynchburg, Tennessee (home of Jack!!) has the "B-B-Q" Caboose Cafe', only an hour or so south of Nashville, great to incorporate with a Distillery tour, and Ken Fly the host, and the live Old Time Country Radio Show broadcaster Paul Jones will make y'all think you belong there.

Kirsty Lee Akers and Greg Williams were guests there in 2006 with our friend Hank Sasaki (check out their web sites)

IF you stop in Los Angeles a store not to miss in Hollywood is AMOEBA.... (6400 Sunset Blvd.) more C/Ds, records, dvd's, videos and associated musical paraphenalia than a dead dingo's donger!!!

In any major town check out their "welfare stores"...a treasure trove..... even picked up a Leanne   Douglas C/D and an Archie Roach in Nashville... the " Great Escape" in Nashville and the "C/D Warehouse" at Madison good sources of material.

Overseas travel can be fun...IF you plan waaaaaayy pays dividends, and the more people you can contact PRIOR to going, the more fun you will have.

Years back a letter was a fine way to make friends..nowadays the e-mail is King...even though I am a novice with technology people in the U.S., U.K. and Australia wide are instantly there with the click of a key.

YEP!!!!!!!! Contact me regarding whatever, it's a pleasure to serve..over time you, like myself, will find that wherever you are in the world you'll have a friend to visit with and talk about Country Music.....

AND .. in Australia , when travelling, check out the Community Radio Station in areas you are going to...they are helpful also.

Every Wednesday night from 6 – 9 P/M “Tubby” delivers a varied mix of the old, new, and unheard of and the outrageous, along with current favourites, interviews and news from Australia and Charlie Daniels mentioned on his BBQ I/D…”If Ya Don’t Tune In..we’re Gonna Come and Get Ya” !!!

From the Carter Family To Kasey Chambers there is a  grand selection on the menu at Bar-B-Q Country..come in for a feed of Country…you’ll be satisfied!!

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