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Welcome to Bar-B-Q Country - The home of Country - In any Country!

We hope this site will direct you to some great links and people in the realms of Country Music. If’s it Oz Country, US Country - even Shetland Country Music - Country Music from any Country - You’ll find it here on Bar-B-Q Country... Come on in, look around, send us a message , share us on Facebook. Just look or say G’day.... Welcome….Catchya…..Tubby Dyer

Bar-B-Q Country

The Home of Country - In any Country!

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Been there..done that

American Journeys pulvinar

It was a cold, dark, grey winters morning.. But Tubby and Son couldn’t hold back the tears of joy..... Read more

Alone on an Island with Tubby!

Shetland Stories

More Great Pics

Tubby went to USA once... Twice...maybe more.. Met a lot of new friends...... Read more...

         If it’s Country

 It’s on Bar-B-Q Country!    

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